No. Branch Location
1 Abakoran Gojam Berenda, Yirga Haile Building
2 Abinet Area Gibe Building
3 Addisu Gebeya Addisu Gebeya
4 Africa Union Infront of AU Headquarters
5 Alem Bank Alem Bank
6 Arada Piassa Around Greek Church
7 Atlas Area Around Atlas Hotel
8 Ayat Addebabay Around Ayat Village
9 Ayer Amba Sub Branch Bole Micheal
10 Ayer  Tena Ayer  Tena
11 Balderas Sub Branch Balderas Condominium
12 Bisrate Gebriel St. Bisrate Gebriel Church
13 Beklobet Debrezeit Road, Mekwor Plaza
14 Bole Dembel City Center
15 Bole Medhanealem Area Near Mafi City Mall
16 Cathedral Area Country Tower Near Cathedral School
17 CMC Area Infront of St. Michael Church
18 Gerji Sami Building, Opposite to Imperial Hotel
19 Gerji Sunshine Adjacent to Roba Bakery
20 Goffa Kera Area
21 Goffa Camp Goffa Camp
22 Goffa Mebrat Hail Mebrat Hail Area
23 Habte Giorgis Kelifa Business Center
24 Haya Arat Area Kokeb Building
25 Hayhulet Area Hayahulet
26 ILRI Gurd Sholla, ILRI Campus
27 Jemo Jemo Condominium
28 Kaliti Near Cheralia Factory
29 Lafto Infront of  the Mosque
30 Lebu Near Lafto Sub-City
31 Lideta Lideta
32 Mekanisa Mekanisa
33 Mesalemia Shewa  Tsega Building
34 Meskel Meskel  Square
35 Meskel Flower Nazrawi Building
36 Militery Tera Merkato
37 Nifas Silk Around Kadisco
38 Sebara Babur Area Near Yohannes  Church
39 Shalla Menafesha Along the new road from Getahun Besha Building to  Bole Medhanialem Road
40 Summit Summit
41 Wello Sefer Area Ethio-China Road, Ambasel Building
42 Weyra Bethel Area Near Bethel Hostpital
43 Wuhalimat Area Comet Building
44 Yerer Ber Jacros
No Branch City/ Town
45 Adama Adama
46 Adigrat Adigrat
47 Addi Hawusi  Mekelle
48 Addi Shumduhun Mekelle
49 Arbaminch Arbaminch
50 Assela Assela
51 Atote-Hawassa Hawassa
52 Axum Axum
53 Bahir Dar Bahir Dar
54 Bishoftu Bishoftu
55 Castle Mekelle
56 Dilla Dilla
57 Debre Birhan Debre Birhan
58 Dessie Dessie,Gellila Building
59 Edaga Mekelle Mekelle
60 Fasiledes Gondar
61 Furi Furi
62 Hafet-Issa Area Dire Dawa
63 Harar Harar
64 Hawassa Hawassa
65 Hosanna Hosanna
66 Hawelti Mekelle
67 Jijiga Jijiga
68 Kazira Dire Dawa
69 Mehal Adama Adama
70 Mekelle Mekelle
71 Romanat Mekelle
72 Sebeta Sebeta
73 Shashemene Shashemene
74 Shire Shire
75 Wolayita Sodo Wolayita Sodo
76 Wukro Wukro
77 Abyssinia Tower Bole  Medhanealem Area
78 AB-Zone Near Urael Church
79 ATZ-Building Near Ethiopian Sport Academy
80 Adams Pavilion Sar Bet, In front of Pushkin Square
81 Alsam Chelelek Mexico
82 Ambassador Theater In front of Ministry of Defense
83 Bole Ambassador Hotel Near Millennium Hall
84 Bole International Airport At International Passengers’ Arrival
85 Beshale Hotel Gurdshola
86 Capital Hotel & Spa Wuhalimat Area
87 Chamber of Commerce Mexico
88 CYAN City Hotel Atlas Area
89 Concored Hotel Lancha Area
90 DH Geda Tower Bole Road
91 Edna Addis Hotel Abuare Square
92 Elily Hotel Kazanchis
93 Edna Mall Bole Medhanialem
94 Friendship Hotel Behind Edna Mall
95 Filwoha Spa Service Near Zewditu Hospital
96 Ghion Hotel Around Meskel Square
97 Golagul Tower Haya Hulet Mazoria
98 Golf Club Old Airport
99 Grand Yordanos Hotel Arround Bambis
100 Harmony Hotel Behind Edna Mall
101 Harun Tower Churchill  Road
102 Hilton Addis Ababa Around ECA
103 Holly City Center Gurd Sholla
104 Hotel De Leopol Bambis
105 Intercontinental Hotel Kazanchis
106 Itegue Taitu Hotel Piassa
107 Jolly Bar and Restaurant Arat Killo, Jolly Bar
108 Limat Building Arat Killo
119 Marathon Motor Building Megenagna
110 National Hotel In front of St. Estifanos Church
111 National Museum Amist Killo
112 Nexus Hotel Gerji
113 Nega City Mall Kazanchis
114 New York Café and Restaurant Bole Road
115 Radison Blu Hotel Kazanchis
116 Rakan Business Center Atlas Area
117 Ras Hotel Near National Theatre
118 San Trading Plc. Bisrate Gebriel
119 Sarem International Hotel Semen Mazegaja
120 Sheger Building Bole Medhanealem Area
121 Shoa Super Market,Bole Branch Near Wolof Sefer
122 Shoa Super Market,Sar Bet Branch Sar Bet
123 Shoa Super Market,Torhayloch Branch Torhayloch
124 Sileshi-Sehn Business Center Megenagna
125 Soleyana Business Center Beside Lideta Condominium
126 Tegen Building Near Global Hotel
127 Tracon Tower Near Black Lion Hospital
128 TK Building Bole
129 Wabeshebelle Hotel Mexico
130 Yobek Building Sengatera Area
131 Yod Abyssinia Restaurant Bole, Near Brass Hospital
132 Zefemesh Grand Mall Megenagna
133 Yeha Building Stadium
No Name of the Site City/Town
134 Addis  Amba Hotel Bahir Dar
135 Africa Hotel Axum
136 Axum Hotel Mekelle
137 Florida  Hotel  Gonder
138 Home  Land Hotel Bahir Dar
139 Jimma Central Hotel Jimma
140 Jimma University Jimma
141 Lewi Resort Hawassa
142 Mesfin Industrial Engineering Mekelle
143 Messobo Cement Mekelle
144 Planet International Hotel Mekelle
145 South Star International Hotel Hawassa
146 Summerland Hotel Bahir Dar
147 Taye Belay Hotel Gonder


May 21

Wegagen Bank Partners With WorldRemit to Offer Digital Money Transfer Service

Wegagen WorldRemit PAtrnership Agreement Signing Ceremony & press Conference

Addis Ababa and London, 15 May 2019- Wegagen Bank and WorldRemit one of the leaders in global money transfer announced their partnership to provide digital money transfer service to Ethiopian customers in a joint press conference on May 15, 2019 at the Hilton Hotel in Addis Ababa. Wegagen Bank President Abay Mehari said on the occasion: “We […]..Read more

Feb 11


Addis Ababa, February 6, 2019 – The Board of Directors of Wegagen Bank has announced that Ato Abay Mahari has been appointed as the 5th Chief Executive Officer/President of Wegagen Bank, effective February 1, 2019. Ato Abay Mehari has an extensive experience in the banking industry. He graduated from Addis Ababa University with BSC in […]..Read more

Dec 26

Notice for Job Applicants


Applicants for the position of Associate Jr. Customer Service Officer whose names listed here under are selected for further screening. Accordingly, please avail yourselves for the written exam that will be conducted on Sunday December 30, 2018 at 1:30 PM as indicated below:- CANDIDATES: Listed under Sr. No 1 to 1,500 below or Whose names […]..Read more

Nov 19

Wegagen Bank Gross Profit Hits a Billion Birr Mark

25th General Assembly

 Addis Ababa, November 15, 2018- Wegagen Bank announced a gross profit of Birr 1 billion 50 million in the 2017/18 Fiscal Year ended June 30, 2018, showing a 49% increase over the previous year’s profit of 705 million. The Bank’s profit has seen a continuously rising trend over the past three years. The significant increase […]..Read more