Wegagen Awards Prominent Customers

Wegagen Bank awards important customers engaged in export business, International money transfer service and partners contributed to foreign currency earning through swift.

During the Bank’s annual Forex Day held at Capital Hotel and Spa on November 2, 2017 Board Chairman Teferi Zewdu said that the Bank has earned 425.5 million USD in the last fiscal year ended on June 30,2017.


The foreign currency earning of the Bank showed 60.3 percent increase from that of 2015/16 fiscal year amounting to 160 million USD, the Chairman said.

The Board Chairman expressed the Bank’s readiness to give a better service to customers and partners engaged in foreign currency generation with a view to increasing foreign currency inflow to the country.


On the occasion Ato Teferi and CEO Ato Araya Gebre Egziabher handed over accolades and certificates of recognition to prominent customers who generated large amount of foreign currency in the last fiscal year ended on June 30, 2017.

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